Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 weeks should do it

Yes, I've been a bit blogging, grocery shopping, weeding.  Can we say, "school's starting?"  And here I was thinking that I could maintain a real human life outside of school.  Bah! 

Really, I can't blame school.  My 3 week blogging vacation began in England while I lapped up delicious treats like this:

(and yes, that is a chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate brownie cake)

and purchased delicious treats like these:

 ...and then there was the whole jet lag thing and 2 (!) weeks of useless professional development that always started 42-58 minutes after it was supposed to.

So here I sit in my fuzzy socks huddled under a blanket watching reruns of the OC thinking about how I should likely get to school to finish my seating chart for the kiddies that arrive on Tuesday.

Here's to me...hopefully back in the blogging world.

Fine Divider Owl


Jen said...

Welcome back, Mrs. Fine!

Good luck with the new school year! :)

Latte Mama said...

Welcome back! I just finished my first week of school, and yeah, I wasn't able to keep up with blogging either. Nice boots!

Sarah said...

Welcome back! I know that jet-lag can be a killer. Good luck going back to school and juggling life again :) (by the way-- FAB boots!!)

Zabrinah said...

Wow! Those boots really are a treat! I love them.

And school starting is a very good excuse. That's what I'm using and I'm sticking to it!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


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