Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend of Victories

As I was watching a rather demoralizing football game yesterday, I kept thinking that despite the losing score, it was a fine victory that we still were able to score could have been worse.

{source: we heart it}

And so, I have chronicled my weekend as a series of small victories:

1.  I am lesson planned for 2 weeks in advance.
2.  I created a kick-ass differentiated multiplication board game for my kiddos to use in a few weeks.
3.  I bought lots of goodies at the bead store and have made a cute glass bead bracelet and have started a knotted stone bead necklace.
4.  I spontaneously hit up a local church craft sale after dropping off my library books and scored some very cool mittens in the shape and color of footballs.
5.  I have kept the house clean and tidy, exactly one week after my swiffer toxin episode.
6.  I made homemade potato corn soup in the crock pot today and have enough for school lunches for a few days.
7.  I watched a few good movies on my free HBO trial this weekend.
8.  I'm really digging Lady Gaga as my workout music right now.

What a great weekend!  What small victories did you have?
Fine Divider Owl

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Power of a Swiffer and scented candles

Apologies for my absenteeism.  Report cards and conferences.  Enough said.

I've had the luxury of having a few days off work. After the obligatory (!) days on the couch with laptop in hand reading blogs, I got down to it 'real person' style.

Isn't it amazing the effect that a swiffer can have on a person's outlook?  I spent a few hours cleaning and scrubbing (because I admittedly no longer adhere to the weekly cleaning schedule that I maintained in university) and ended with a wet swiffer of the kitchen floor and a pumpkin candle burning on the kitchen table. 

Now, I don't know what they put in swiffers and scented candles but I've been high on life and relaxing over the past few days.  I'm wondering if it's the toxins in said swiffer and candle that are responsible for such a euphoric celebration of life?  I've purchased groceries, reduced piles, and made great plans to make this scarf from the Just Sew Sassy website:

We'll have to see how long the euphoria lasts after I'm back to school tomorrow.  No matter - now I know that should I need an outlook life, I simply need to open the wet swiffer box and breathe deeply.  Should you need to partake in a similar uplifting experience, my recommendation is the Lavendar Vanilla Comfort scent.

As an aside, having a few days off has also seen an increase in my soap opera consumption.  All My Children.  I only needed 3 days and I think I understand every story line.  There's got to be a lesson plan about story writing somewhere in that observation.  And who names their daughter Greenlee?

Happy Hump Day my friends,
Fine Divider Owl

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunday Scavenger Hunt 10.31.10

I'm scuttling by at the last minute (although I do wish it were Sunday) for last week's scavenger hunt.

Here are my photos!

My Town

In keeping with Mrs. Fine's anonymity, I post a photo of my favorite town: London.


 I caught this great fence this past weekend and had fun using a SLR to capture it.

Tilt Shift

This is a shot I took this past weekend during a G-R-E-A-T weekend with Mr. Fine.  I had FUN with the tilt-maker website...definitely a site I will keep uploading photos to! :-)

In Disguise

I caught this butterfly earlier this week catching a few last minutes of sunshine before Autumn really set in and our impatiens totally bit the dust.


After learning how to use the Macro button on my camera last week, I experimented some more with it for my chocolate shot.  Who doesn't spend minutes taking close up shots of chocolate chips in a bowl...and then eating said bowl?  Mr. Fine and I did make brownies this weekend and I was going to shoot those...but they were dug into (admittedly by me) before I got the camera out.

It's a crazy busy week for me but I want to be back sooner rather than later because Mr. Fine and I had a great weekend away and I want to share, share, share!

See you soon!
Fine Divider Owl
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