Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend of Victories

As I was watching a rather demoralizing football game yesterday, I kept thinking that despite the losing score, it was a fine victory that we still were able to score could have been worse.

{source: we heart it}

And so, I have chronicled my weekend as a series of small victories:

1.  I am lesson planned for 2 weeks in advance.
2.  I created a kick-ass differentiated multiplication board game for my kiddos to use in a few weeks.
3.  I bought lots of goodies at the bead store and have made a cute glass bead bracelet and have started a knotted stone bead necklace.
4.  I spontaneously hit up a local church craft sale after dropping off my library books and scored some very cool mittens in the shape and color of footballs.
5.  I have kept the house clean and tidy, exactly one week after my swiffer toxin episode.
6.  I made homemade potato corn soup in the crock pot today and have enough for school lunches for a few days.
7.  I watched a few good movies on my free HBO trial this weekend.
8.  I'm really digging Lady Gaga as my workout music right now.

What a great weekend!  What small victories did you have?
Fine Divider Owl


Beck said...

You had a GREAT weekend! Well done Mrs. Fine! :)
At our end, our small victory was deciding to move next weekend and getting the ball rolling in that direction. AND finishing my reports! AND visiting a new church! :)

Sarah said...

My victory is making it to Michigan in one piece after 20 straight hours in the car!!

And congrats on 2 weeks of lesson planning DONE! :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

See and you are exercising period. that puts you ahead of me!

LambAround said...

I want to see these football mittens :)

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