Saturday, January 15, 2011

Six on Saturday

You may have noticed that I've been a bit absent on the blog front.  My own blog, that is.  I've certainly kept up with my reader and have enjoyed reading everyone else's blog.

Nicolasa has encouraged her readers to write our own six on Saturday -- we get to read hers each week.  So perhaps this is just the ticket to get me out of my blog writing funk [which to be honest is because my life just isn't as interested as everyone else's!]

Here's my week in six:

[1] - I've been desperately waiting for MLK day and think I might have made a To Do list a bit too daunting.  We shall see!

[2] - Mr. Fine and I thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly!) cleaned very cubby of our home this week.  It feels great...but now that the task is complete, I'm feeling a bit "what do I do now-ish?"... maybe the list from [1]? ;-)

[3] - I was really hoping for a snow day on Wednesday this week.  So much so that I woke up with my alarm at 5:30 a.m. and said, "Are you kidding me?" because I didn't get the 5:00 a.m. phone call.  Turns out a few other teachers at school were disappointed too.  I called a friend to tell her I was sending a few books over with one of my students and she answered the phone with, "Are you are depressed as I am?"  (we have call display at school for our extensions).  Priceless.

[4] - Mr. Fine made the best (and I mean the best!) blueberry muffins earlier this week.  Usually I am the baker in the house, but this may have to change.  His muffins were amazing!  They even had the muffin top like in stores.   I was busy with school work the night he made them and I sat at the kitchen table making fun of him because he meticulously followed the recipe -- to the point of even having the wet and dry bowl.  Well, I had to rescind my ridicule once tasting commenced.  Perhaps having wet and dry actually does improve baking products.

[5] - I went to a used book sale last weekend and found Alex Rider's Gadget book for 50 cents -- made a huge hit with some boys at school.  At this sale, I picked up a few key books for a project I'm tackling - I'm about to delve into the basement to make up some sets of books in bags to have some themed book sets to send home with students during the week.  I'm hoping to get at least 5 of these theme bags done this weekend.

[6] - One of my very best good friends from school and I went out on the weekend for our birthdays (each last week).  We enjoyed wonderful conversation and I had a delicious decaf hazel nut cappuccino for dessert.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I hope to be back in less than 2 weeks from now! ;-)

Fine Divider Owl


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Sounds to me like you have been busy, and those blueberry muffins sound yummy!!

Tickled Pink said...

You have been busy! Try and rest a bit during this 3 day weekend, but I feel you- my to-do list is huge! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Belated birthday! I was sad too not to get a snow/ice day this week. More like resentful, if I'm going to be honest ;). YAY for MLK day though!

PS: Those themed book bags sound like a great idea!

Nicolasa said...

Happy Belated birthday! SO glad you were able to celebrate with a good friend of yours! I love that Mr. Fine made muffins! Since they were so good he should make them again! Enjoy MLK Day and try to get to a few items on your list, then just relax! You deserve it Thanks for sharing!

Mom2One said...

Hope you conquered your list and had some time to kick back and relax. =) I've missed you in bloggy land! Glad you're back!!! I'm praying you get a SNOW DAY SOON!!!!!!

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