Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Stuff

A few months ago, Mr. Fine and I headed to D.C. for the weekend.  Mr. Fine had eaten at Good Stuff the last time he was in D.C. so it was there, of course, that we headed for dinner on Friday night.  As we were standing in line, I kept thinking to myself that I was positive I had seen the cashier somewhere before.  Me?  A teacher hailing far from D.C. recognizing a cashier in D.C.?  No, must be just their twin double.  We placed our order and stood waiting for the food to arrive.  While we waited we overhead a conversation between a random group of people to this effect:

That's him.  I should get a picture.  No, he'll think I'm crazy.  Oh, just take the picture.

Leave it to Mr. Fine.  He asked the group who they were talking about.  Why, Spike from Top Chef, of course!  So I wasn't crazy!  I did recognize the cashier (er, owner of Good Stuff).  Spike's season of Top Chef was one of the Top Chef seasons that I did watch.

Needless to say, that burger was the best burger I've really ever had.  And the fries.  OMG!

Wish I'd take a picture...but the remnants were none too pretty.  A balled up wrapper is not what blogs are made of! ;-)

A few weeks ago, I borrowed the Good Stuff Eatery cookbook from our local library.  Together (that's code for Mr. Fine) we made the Obama burger and Sunny's fries.

Our attempt at replicating our night out in D.C. took a bit longer than a stand in line...but oh, it was well worth it!

Our Obama burger and Sunny's Fries...home version

Have any of you eaten at Good Stuff?  Which burger did you order?

Fine Divider Owl


Jen said...

Aw, I remember Spike! Too cool that you saw him. I can't remember if I liked him or not, but awesome either way!

Sarah said...

How cool that it was really him!! ANd that looks delicious :)

Em-Jae said...

Holymoly, that food looks delish! I'm responding to your question about the flat iron -- do it! My hair is wavy-to-curly (mostly frizzy) and the honest truth is that it does more for my hair than any product or tool I've used in the past. Just make sure you buy ceramic -- not metal! -- because it'll damage your hair less, and something about the ceramic is more smoothing on your hair follicles...
Yes, I do kind of obsess with my flat iron, but I'm usually in too much of a rush/running late in the morning to obsess TOO much :]
Good luck!!

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