Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the haunts

Yesterday was a brilliant day!  Mr. Fine and I spent an entire day (such that we hit the max daily rate on our Oyster transit card) doing up our old haunts from when we'd lived here in London.

Mr. Fine had spent some time planning out our transit routes so that we could hit up 3 (!) branches of our favorite shop in the East end of the city.  Then, given that we maxed out our daily Oyster we bussed it over to our neighborhood home away from home for a night at one of our favorite pubs.  It's amazing what the mind remembers, as we each remembered which buses we needed to take and which stops to get off at. Overlooking the canal, Mr. Fine and I enjoyed Sunday roast and reminisced while enjoying a drink (or two).

When asked if I wanted to go see our old flat, I replied, "I'm not sure...I may cry."  Noting that he could handle the tears, Mr. Fine encouraged me and we set off for our flat.  When we lived in the flat a few years ago, there was a movement to get new windows in the entire building with the building ultimately deciding to have new windows put in within a year.  As we rounded the corner, we came upon the flat and saw no new windows.  Gazing up in silence we both took in the view.  Before walking to the river (THE favorite part of the flat was that we overlooked the Thames), Mr. Fine asked if I was okay.  "Yeah, no tears.  If there had been new windows, now that would've been a different story," I replied.  After a few quiet moments at the Thames we returned to the tube to trek back to the flat we're in this summer.

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Jen said...

Seeing an old "home" is so sentimental - I don't blame you!

What a beautiful view!

LambAround said...

I love your writing. You remind me of Sophie Kinsella :)

Mom2One said...

Beautiful view! That roast looks divine!!! =) I'm going to be living vicariously through you for the remaining days of summer. Puppy training and toddler time outs are getting the best of me. =) I love reading your blog!!!

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