Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The one still in pajamas

Mr. Fine: What time do you want to meet?
Mrs. Fine: It doesn't matter to me.  What time is good for you?
Mr. Fine: This is for you.  So what time do you want to meet?
Mrs. Fine: Look.  You're the one working all day.  I'm the one still in my pajamas.  So what time works for you?

Yes, that is the actual conversation early this morning in our flat.  It is now approximately 4 hours later and I'm happy to report that I've changed into 'lounging and blogging' clothes and will (hopefully) change into 'other people will see me' clothes in a bit, ready for my excursion.

You see, I headed to one of London's famous markets yesterday.  After bypassing hoards of tourists who seemed to like the stores around the market better than the actual market (inept tourists!) I enjoyed a leisurely anxiety-filled 2 hour stroll through the market stalls.  Anxiety?  Yes!  You see, there was sooo much that I wanted to buy that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed!

And so, Mr. Fine has agreed to take a few hours off from working to accompany me to the market, such that I may relax enough to shop!  I'm like a kid in a candy shop when I see items that I like.  I have my eye on a few pieces of jewelery, a special notebook, and a funky pair of cuff links for Mr. Fine.

But until then, I find myself watching Deal or No Deal reruns where all characters are dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters.  Which brings me to a personal quandary: Is sitting around reading blogs and watching television a bad use of vacation time?  I've been labeled as a work-a-holic by many...so perhaps a lounge day (or two or three) are in order.  I know that I will be swamped and working, working come the return of school.  But then, is lounging really what vacations are for?  Ahh, the guilt has set in.  Guilt over relaxing.  Better shop to ease the guilt feelings! ;)

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Sherri said...

Hey, sounds like a great vacation day to me! Enjoy....glad you don't shop in your pjs.

Mom2One said...

Lounging for two or three days makes vacation enjoyable. Anytime we go on vacation we allow a few days of just doing nothing. It kind of makes vacation seem a little bit longer. Enjoy every minute away from work!!!

Jen said...

Nothin' wrong with a lounge day! Especially if it's followed by shopping!

Sarah said...

There should be no guilt over lounge days! And I'm not just saying that because right this minute I'm reading blogs and watching TV too :)

Anonymous said...

Your description of "lounging" clothes versus "other people will see me clothes" is dead on! I sometimes wear two outfits each day- staying in and going out clothes. Once we go back to school we are going to have to commit to our "other people will see us clothes" every day! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

A do nothing few days sounds realllllly good!

Latte Mama said...

Oh you have to buy the notebook! And NO guilt over relaxing! I hear ya about being a workaholic, so blog away, veg away in front of the TV, and go shopping! :)

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