Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TDIs and 'A' Roads

Mr. Fine and I have just returned from a week long trip of toodling (if that's what you call rockin' out the Golf TDI around curvy roads at 70) around the English countryside.  We were off to get out of the city and see a few sites that we'd missed on previous trips.

You know when you rent a car and you're worried about which car goes with the set of keys that get handed to you over the counter...that feeling you have as you gaze out into the parking lot trying to match the number on the key ring with a car in the lot?  Typically when we rent cars in new cities at home we get a bigger car...more room to stow our goodies and more safe on roads (I'm typically the navigator and can *sometimes* get a wee bit mixed up).  Not this time (at least on the car size...not so much on the mix up part)!

Mr. Fine preempted these thoughts with a question to the clerk when he was retrieving the keys...and was told that we had a *good* car.  I'd say so!  We got a VW Golf TDI!  Not only would we save a boatload of money tripping around, but we'd look super cool in the English countryside.  [sure enough...we got checked out every time we parked...too bad we had to give it back after the trip!]

With the help of our fine automobile, we were able to take in lots of sites:

Highlights of our trip:

-free kit kats in the B&B fridge (it's the small things that seem to make me happy)
-the 'bah'ing sheep that serenaded us each night after returning from the pub -- completely surreal
-the best pub I've been to lately -- the Red Hart which had a mix of funk (evidenced by the Christmas lights and flowers on tables...although Mr. Fine tried to tell me that Christmas lights were not funk) and laid back (evidenced by the high number of locals and the century old wooden beams)

 And now, I'm off to review an email from Mr. Fine -- apparently he's returned to the flat, checked out the VW site in North America, and emailed us a summary of the 'car he's built for us."

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Mom2One said...

Beautiful pictures! =) I've always wanted to go to England. One of my favorite movies is "The Holiday" mainly just because of the English countryside in (almost) every scene. Your pictures look just like the countrysides in the movie. (minus the snow...) Your car sounds really HIP! =) I love VW's!!!

Jen said...

What gorgeous pictures! I feel like Mr. Darcy should be popping up in any one of those photos. :)

Woohoo for awesome cars!

Latte Mama said...

Oh I agree! I felt the same about Mr. Darcy popping out! (Love that movie!) Beautiful pictures!! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Wow those are some pictures! I sure wish I could experience something like that! Maybe one day =) And oh yeah the Golf are nice cars!

LambAround said...

No photo of your super awesome car?! Sexy Nerd felt the same way the time our rental car was a....ummm...well, I can't quite think of the name of it right now (some weirdo car I'd never heard of that failed miserably!)

Mrs. Awesome said...

Ahhhh your pictures are making me desperately want to return to the UK! It's only been about four weeks since my vacation there and I'm ready for another. Maybe this time I'll be brave enough to drive!

Sarah said...

Oooh, how fun! I love the pictures you took of the English countryside! And how cool that you got to cruise around in such a fun car ;)

Anonymous said...

You did get a cool car! Fun! And the pictures you took are beautiful! I hope I get there one day- it looks gorgeous!

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