Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A bit of this and that

So, I'm finally finding the time to sit down on the couch for some DVR time - complete with iPhone, laptop, and lesson plans surrounding me on the couch.  Ha!

I've been busying trying to catch up at work - I finally got the pile (of piles) that had stacked up behind my desk at school cleaned up.

Mr. Fine and I were at Sam's the other night -- boring, I know.  But get this -- you know how an employee checks your receipt and counts your cart items before you leave?  Usually they use their highlighter to write a line through your receipt.  This time?  No.  Instead, we got a circle.  And what was that circle circling, you ask?  This:

Find big savings for your tiny tot.  Shop us for diapers, formula, and more.

Sure, we'll have kid(s).  And sure, that time is quickly coming upon us.  But really, we're getting family planning advice from the Sam's Club employee?  On the up side, at least we looked young enough to be in the family planning zone - at least according to Sam.

I've got brownies and a cup of tea calling my name in the kitchen.  Gotta run!

Fine Divider Owl


Beck said...

We don't have Sams here in Australia, but I think that the circling of that item is funny! :) Family planning is on our agenda soon- exciting! :) Enjoy your browines and cuppa!

Jen said...

Haha, apparently life advice comes with a wholesale club membership these days.

Also, I'm super excited to hear you'll have Fine kids someday!

Sarah said...

How weird!!

And PS: I love your new blog background :)

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