Saturday, February 5, 2011

Six on Saturday

Following in Nicolasa's footsteps and giving you all the low-down on my week and brain turnings...

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1.  Mr. Fine has arrived home and I am *patiently* waiting for him to get out of bed.  I went to bed at 9 p.m. last night and he arrived in the driveway at 2 a.m.  For obvious reasons, we're on a slightly different schedule this morning.  When I briefly woke him up this morning (which he was NOT happy about) I indicated that I needed to get to the post office, library (gotta start that Tall Tales unit on Monday), and would like to do so before the snow (again!) hits at noon.  Didn't go over well, let me tell you.  So, I'm hoping that our time together is a *bit* better than the sleep-deprived driven conversation we had this morning!

2.  I have had some really fun jewelry projects just waiting for me to get to them.  Mr. Fine was in Boston awhile back (er um 2010) and came home with some g-r-e-a-t beads for me from The Boston Bead Company.  I"m so lucky that he's got style and can just pick up stuff for me!  But alas, I NEED to do something with them...I've got some necklace ideas twirling but it's the doing part that seems to slow me down!

3.  I am feeling really happy about having kept the house super duper clean for about 3 weeks now.  I'm not a slob by any means but I do tend to have *some* school piles hanging around.  I've been really good about putting stuff away when I walk in the door...and it feels great to come home to a house that is awesomely clean.  Mr. Fine whispered in my ear last night that the house looked like no one lived in it.  Is that good or bad?

4.  When I started my personal blog in the summer, it was with the intent to push me to have a life.  I can tend to be a bit school-obsessed.  I've been struggling you can tell by the very limited number of posts in 2011.  I can't decide if I want to be a blogger that blogs for the sake of it - about anything random -- would my readers care?  Or do I wait until something fantastic happens?  Which, lately, seems to be never. ;-)  A quandry, my blog friends, indeed.

5.  I've been super pleased with my vision - post Lasik - and still marvel about how well I can see on a daily basis.  As with most Lasik patients, I can see best when the light is bright.  Contrast situations are difficult for us 'fake sight' folks.  When we're outside for recess, I can see across the playground, which is very new for me.  And of course, I'm enjoying *having* to wear sunglasses.  I'm hoping that it cuts down on the wrinkles that seem to have appeared on my face. ;-)

6.  Finally, I've been totally neglecting my Daring Kitchen duties.  Apparently you're only supposed to miss 2 a year...and I'm waaaay behind.  I'm hoping they don't kick me out!  How embarrassing to be kicked out of an online kitchen challenge!  Maybe that's one thing I can do this be 'normal.'

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Jen said...

I think you should blog whenever you feel like it! I certainly wouldn't mind if you blogged more often, haha.

I can't believe you're getting more snow! I also can't believe I'm so jealous!

Nicolasa said...

I agree, blog when you feel like it! You'll get into a rhythm and then before you know it, you'll be blogging all the time!

Take some photos of the jewelry you make! I have made one or two things but would love to learn how to make more!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Let's talk sleep-deprived... I finally put the lid on two little boys at 11 pm last night...they'd been in bed since 9 and had to be dragged out of bed to be at basketball by 9 am this morning... The Girl is currently napping on the couch, having spent the night elsewhere with a similar schedule!

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