Sunday, June 12, 2011

A relaxing Sunday

I've had a perfect weekend so far...I got some school work done (but not too much to make it a school weekend), did some reading on the patio, watched the lily pad flowers come to life in the pond, and cut the lawn.  And as you can likely see, I did some blog face-lifting...I just need to fiddle with my signature image so the white background is transparent...but the weather is too nice to sit inside for much longer so that will need to wait!

I went out for a few minutes to capture the flora with my point and shoot and got these quick SOOC shots:

This lily pad flower is just so pretty -- my photography skills don't do it justice.  The yellow center portion is a nice complement to the light pink petals.

Photo Challenge: Yellow

I'm so excited that the fish have started swimming at the surface when I am close to the pond.  It takes them a few weeks in Spring/Summer to not be scared any more.  After winter, the fish always tend to hide whenever we go near the pond.  Now, they are swimming a ton and so fun to watch!

I've got a busy week coming up -- the last week of a few more concepts to teach, field day, and of course, a field trip.  To top off a great weekend, I'm living off a high of grabbing a great thrifted cardigan last week.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates this week so I can wear a skirt with it! :-)

Have a great week everyone!

Fine Divider Owl


Sara said...

Beautiful flower, you did a great job of capturing it! The pink does look lovely with the yellow. Have a great weekend, hope the weather does cooperate.

Barb said...

Your lily pad flowers are gorgeous! and your blog is pretty!

Beck said...

Ooo you are having a good time blog face lifting! I like it! :) Hope that you get to wear some skirts this week... small chance of that here! :)

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