Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Musings

Happy Monday, all!

I'm super excited because Mr. Fine is driving home right now, as I type!!

There is only 1 more day of school and only 3 days until my LASIK...I'm a lot bit nervous about Thursday.

I have zero (you can't believe it, I know) Christmas gifts purchased or even thought of.  Apparently, I have a list of ideas for Mr. Fine somewhere...but I haven't actually done anything about it. 

I took my students ice skating today and have many blisters on my hands -- when will 10 year olds learn how to tie their own skates?  Granted, most of them hung on to the ledge for dear life for most of the hour, but come on?! did not feel good when after crouching on my knees for 25 minutes tying, my knees and legs h-u-r-t.  Ouch -- getting old.

And...should Mr. Fine be reading...I would enjoy seeing this Banana Republic sweater in our closet:

Fine Divider Owl


Mom2One said...

Love that sweater! I've bought a few things for my hubs, but I'm not finished yet. Thursday is our shopping day, ALL day long....*whew*. I'll be thinking of you Thursday! Good luck with the Lasik!!!

Sarah said...

That's a cute sweater! I can't even imagine taking all those kids ice skating.... whew!

And don't worry, I'm sure the malls will still be open on Christmas eve :)

Holly said...

How did the LASIK go? I'm thinking of getting it done too..

p.s. -- Merry Christmas to you! :)

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