Monday, December 13, 2010

Wishes DO come true.

Silly to wish for snow days...but you know the kids are definitely wishing for them.  It's 9:45 a.m. Monday - I'm still in my pajamas on the couch blogging and watching FaLaLaLa Lifetime.  We got a snow day!

I look out the window and I see:

My plans are:

-finish some grading
-finish a necklace I'm working on
-drink lots of the new Peppermint Hot Chocolate I get on Saturday at Trader Joe's

May not seem that exciting to some...but absolute bliss right now for me!

What plans do you have for the day?

Fine Divider Owl


Holls said...

I LOVE snow days... we had two of them right before Thanksgiving! I don't mind staying in and working around the house if there's lots of snow outside! :)

Nicolasa said...

Now that sounds amazing! Super jealous here! I wished for a snow day but my wish didn't come true ::pout::! :-)

A New England Girl said...

Those plans sound absolutely amazing! The closest Trader Joe's is about an hour away, so I will just have to wish that I had some of that Peppermint Hot Cocoa to indulge in... sounds so delicious! :)

Sarah said...

Soooooo jealous! I used to love snow days when I taught in Michigan. In Texas? They're a lost cause ;)

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