Monday, February 21, 2011

A 'fine' weekend...

My self imposed pity party (Don't know what I'm talking about?  See here for the moody details) ended sharply Saturday morning with a trip to the charity shop and Target -- a bit of retail therapy (especially at cheapy prices) is sure to cure all!  And it didn't hurt that the sun was shining (finally - holla!) for the whole day!

Now, I visited Target mid-January and noticed the tiny red mailboxes that they had in the dollar section:

From Our Seven Dwarfs
I knew, knew that they were going to be a popular item (as evidenced by my google image search of "red target mailbox" so I didn't have to take my own picture), but I'm trying to pitch, sort, and reduce the teacher clutter in my life (it can really build up over a decade, let me tell you!)... so I didn't buy one.  I know, I know - only $1...but the clutter was worth more than that to me (at the time).  I had planned on using it for a small mailbox on my desk for students to put their notes in.  They are constantly writing me notes and I stick them in my pocket...and I find them later at night at home.

But - skip to this past Saturday morning - I noticed the Target $1 section had purple dot items at 50% off - I know, right!?  And looky, looky, there was 1 (it was clearly meant to be) red mailbox left.  Now, who wouldn't buy the darling little thing when there was only 1 left and it was only 50 cents?  I just couldn't pass it up.  So now, I have a cute mailbox decorated with a cute label with cute clipart...sure to bring on some cute notes from students.

Despite the 10.6 inches of snow that fell over the weekend (and which needed to be shoveled by yours truly), my long weekend was relaxing and filled with trashy romance novels, blog reading, and list catching up.

Hope your weekend was grand!

Fine Divider Owl


Jen said...

That little mailbox is adorable! And quite the steal at fifty cents.

Woohoo for trashy romance novels. :)

Sarah said...

Great find! I soooooo need one of those ;)

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i have that exact mailbox....although i got it at michael's a couple years ago. the hubby and i leave little love notes for each other in it. i like the idea of getting student notes in it clever! i bet your students love it and for 50 cents, you really couldn't pass it up :).

hope you're having a lovely week!


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