Monday, July 12, 2010

Different - ugh

This week I'm across the state doing some school stuff...which means I am in a hotel for several nights, working out in a new place, and eating out A LOT.

I have decided that I like routine and that I am a creature of habit.

I've made a few observations since checking in that tell me this:

1. I did not particularly like that the water pressure in the shower was different from my water pressure at home. It wasn't worse. It wasn't better. It just wasn't the same.

2. Although I am glad that the hotel thought to provide me with an in-room coffee maker, the layer of dust on it makes me less inclined to use it. I like my coffee maker with zero dust.

3. My hotel lets us work out for free at a neighboring athletic club. Gorgeous machines. Like it. All the sweaty white towels that people were cleaning the machines with after wiping their brow? Gross. For an entire workout, all I could keep thinking was, "where are the sani-wipes? Why aren't people cleaning the machines. Oh my, what did I just touch and what part of my body did I just wipe with the resulting germified hand?" I guess I affirmed that germs gross me out, too.

4. I appreciated very much that the hotel had set up free workout access. But the gorgeous machines? They were different. The poundage on the machines at my local rec center were different -- how can driving across the state change how many pounds I can lift?

I'm a creature of habit. It's affirmed.

HOWEVER: It seems that my mocha routine of celebratory drink can come from anywhere. That does not seem so habitual. Tonight's double mocha came in this awesome glass and was quickly you can see in the photo below:

And with those enlightening revelations I've found dans l'hotel, I shall leave you so that I can enjoy hotel television with my remote that I've placed in the plastic ice tub bag...germs = gross, after all!

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freckleonthenose said...

Your creature of habit ways made me laugh! Totally with you on the dusty coffee pot - ew! The sweaty towels in the athletic club definitely would have bothered me too... if I worked out. :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm right there with you! I prefer camping, which cracks people up, because I'm a little...umm..high maintenance, but when I camp, it's my pillow, my camper, my dirt...

Sarah said...

Germs are definitely gross! And I'm very much a creature of habit as well. Sometimes I wonder if I'm on the spectrum, lol!

Latte Mama said...

I try not to think of all the germs when I'm working out, that would just be yet another excuse for me to not go to the gym :)

LambAround said...

Mmmmm, yummy! I have a hotel remote control horror story for you. To summarize: We had the front desk send a new remote because there was not 1 in our room. We got into bed to go to sleep. We discovered the remote down in the sheets, with our bare legs, meaning not only were we touching that icky thing, but that the bedding we were surrounded by had not been changed!
Eeeeew! :p

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