Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Those Pesky Errands

Radio silence has ended and I have returned home!  Returned home, you ask?  I thought you just got home?  Yes, it seems that I ventured off to the land of limited Internet -- gasp, the horror, I know!

A few days ago, Mr. Fine and I headed off to another state for a few errands (you know all those errands people have in other states!). The plan was to drive through the night, do some hiking half way, complete the errands, and drive back through the night.  That was before Mrs. Fine fell asleep in the passenger seat and couldn't take over her half of the driving on the way there...there goes that plan.  So, the 1 day trip turned into 2 days, which then (surprise) turned into 3 days.  You see, I had a coupon for the outlet mall and just *had* to see if they had anything that I wanted...which of course -- they did!  Turns out we were still at the outlet at 8:59 pm and had only hit up 4 stores. 

Errands have since been completed and I have some fine hiking photos to prove that the many, many hours in the car were worth it:

Given the great fun I had at the outlet mall, I feel it's only fair to also display my fantabulous new Pumas, as well:

I also got this interesting wrapp-esque top at Banana Republic that I've yet to figure to out completely...but it looked fabulous on the mannequin so I couldn't pass it up!!

Now, I'm off to complete my Daring Bakers challenge for July...which I've put off and off!!  Stay tuned on July 27 for the unveiling of the masterpiece that we have to complete...and masterpiece I hope it will be (fingers crossed).  Let's just say that I needed to get to a wholesale store to buy enough whipping cream to compete the recipe in a price bracket that didn't bankrupt me!

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Fine Divider Owl


Sherri said...

Wow, that type of errands is right up my alley! Maybe without all that driving though. Cute Pumas, and I'm sure the wrappy-top thing is awesome! Love Banana Republic, sometimes even splurge on something there.

freckleonthenose said...

Woohoo for shopping! Cute shoes!

Sarah said...

Love the new shoes! And there's no trip too long to get to a good outlet mall :)

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