Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turning of the day

Do you ever ask yourself where the day has gone when you realize it's 5:59 and you've basically done nothing all day?

During the school year, I often tell myself that I'll get to my loooong to do list when Saturday arrives.  Just get me to the weekend and I promise that I'll do the tasks I need to do.  But then, when the openness of a Saturday arrives, I find myself (more times than not) that I'm watching Lifetime Movie after Lifetime movie (should I admit that to the world?).  It seems that when I perceive the day to be flexible and I get to choose when during the day to slot my tasks, the whole day goes to the dogs.

As for yesterday, I blame the heat wave.  I did a load of laundry during the morning but it was too hot to get it off the line later in the afternoon so it sat there simmering in the sunshine.  Being cooped up inside meant I just *had* to sit at my computer all day reading blogs and shopping on Amazon, and then *had* to venture into the living room where I *had* to watch Oprah.

Finally at 6:00 p.m. I gave myself a kick in the pants and got to it.  Who ever said that morning was the best part of the day or that the early bird catches the worm?  Give me a caramel macchiato and I'm good to go for many an hour during the latter part of the day.

I started sewing a coffee cozy, went to dinner with Mr. Fine at a new Indian restaurant downtown, and saw this along the way:

I love when random people do quirky things that just make your day.  This was on the sidewalk downtown!  I'm not sure what he is saying for the trees, but it's mighty fine that he's become the spokesperson for the trees.

A nice end to the day!  How was your day?

Fine Divider Owl


Sarah said...

Man, it's like you took my exact thoughts and put them in your post! I too find myself whittling away my day until I wonder all the time went. I check a blog here, Facebook there, another blog here, and then I'm like "Where did the last five hours go??" It's a good thing I don't have kids, otherwise they'd be totally neglected...

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, also? That Lorax is crazy!

Liz said...

Oooh, Amazon! I'm a serious online shopper, and Amazon has EVERYTHING!

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