Saturday, July 3, 2010

The grass is on fire!

Given that I have a few weeks off from school, I'm trying to be very persistent in my personal life quest.  I've even found myself folding some laundry on occasion! Mr. Fine and I invited our neighbors over for dinner, drinks, and a fire last night.  We were still cooking when Mrs. Neighbor arrived and she enthusiastically jumped into making the garlic sauce for our homemade veggie and potato hash browns.  Apparently, that is okay in dinner party protocol, so I'm told.  Mr. Neighbor hopped the fence (literally) about 20 minutes after that...and of course when all food stuffs were made! ;)

We enjoyed  a leisurely meal complete with drinks and a strawberry crumble for desert...that I made...I've found that questing for a personal life has left  me in the kitchen a lot.   Hmm.  I used a fabulous recipe for the crumble from The Second Lunch - a fab (can you tell the crumble was a fab hit?) blog that details different recipes.  Next time (and let me tell you that there will be a next time...perhaps even this week.  1/3 cup of butter every few days in dessert can't be a bad thing, can it?), I will double the crumble mixture, as I looovvee the crumble part of strawberry crumble.

Lest you are having heart palpitations because we've had 1/3 cup butter AND ice cream.  Nope.  Mrs. Fine is all over it. We enjoyed strawberry crumble with FROZEN YOGURT.  All is right in the world.

At some point, we moved to the fire pit (Mr. Fine has permanently installed one in our backyard, just off the pat-i-ho) and enjoyed a fire reminiscent of high school days.  The only hiccup?  At some point upon lighting, the large grass that we used as fire starters flopped onto the actual lawn...which we realized this morning had started on fire and left a rather large portion of grass as ashes.  That'll grow back, no? ;)

Have a great weekend, friends!

Fine Divider Owl

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