Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ok, these mice will do

I've never been a mice person.  In fact, I'm the person who calls in the teacher from next door to empty the mouse trap when a mouse is caught in the classroom.  Or the person who cowers as the neighbor pulls a mouse from the trap in the garage.

Granted the critters below are hamsters.  But I don't really do those either.  I had a hamster as a child...and found it feet up during dinner one day.  We had peas during that meal.  Can't really eat peas anymore without thinking of that hamster.  Ahh, memories -- beautiful things.

Thing is, I can't resist the hamsters in this new KIA commercial.  Maybe because I know they are digital pixels or perhaps it's just the flashy song, or even the booty dancing the lady hamsters do.  Either way, I think I'll picture the next critter I shriek about as a hip hop KIA-ster.  Maybe then, I'll get that much farther into the garage before shrieking across the yard for the neighbor.

Enjoy the KIA clip -- I laughed this morning - a lot - when I saw this on the tele.

Fine Divider Owl


Sarah Garb said...

That is a pretty great commercial! They're hamsters--doing people things! I think that sounds like a good plan to just picture those hoodie-wearing, car-selling hamsters when some sort of rodent crosses your path.

Latté Mama said...

That is a cute commercial, but I'm with you, I can't stand the thought of those critters. Thanks, now I'll have to stay up a while to get the thought out of my head ;-)

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