Monday, October 4, 2010

Just where do they come up with this stuff?

So I know that I said this was a personal blog and I'd try to keep my teacher-ness out of it. But really, two student comments from today are too good to not share.

Today was picture day but luckily our picture was in the morning so I didn't need to keep checking my hair in the mirror all day. ;) Apparently, I should have been. This is what I heard when I picked up my students from their special: "What did you do to your hair Mrs. Fine? A science experiment?" Huh. After doing a quick check a few minutes later I noticed nothing amiss...just how high are their standards?  I guess I'll go back to rolling out of bed and throwing my hair in a pony tail.  Seems to appease the youngins'.

But not to worry -- all was fine two hours later when, writing in their writer's notebooks, one student was writing about why Mrs. Fine is so nice to the class. Their answer? "Maybe it's because we are nice to her and because we follow her directions." From the mouths of babes.

Have a good week! I'm off to bed after lugging oodles of bean bag chairs out of their summer storage spot and into the car...we're set to move out of our seats tomorrow during reading workshop -- wait til they get a load of that!

Fine Divider Owl


Sarah said...

It's funny what kids think of you. I once wore a chunky white beaded necklace and one of my fifth graders told me that I looked like the flintstones!

And that second comment? Surprisingly insightful :)

Latte Mama said...

That's too funny! I remember last year my I thought I would leave my curly for picture day, and my kids kept asking why my hair was so poofy. Great....

Anyways, glad to see you got your mojo back :)

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