Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lessons of the Day

So we had a lock down at school today.  For real.  For 5 hours. Have you ever experienced one?  No?  Here's what I learned:

1.  Even after sleeping for 11 hours, one is not prepared for a 5 hour lock down at school.

2.  Students do not enjoy being entertained for 5 hours without learning (this is what I tell myself).  Had I been in our own classroom, I could have continued teaching with minimal disruptions...perhaps with only the occasional whine that bathroom breaks were necessary (and unavailable, I might add).  I Students were getting very agitated after a few hours.

3.  Carpeted classroom floors are much quieter -- I was cringing within minutes in the other room with no carpet.

4.  It seems lock downs don't apply to administrators who need to have their afternoon smoke break.  Classic.

My students happened to be out of our classroom when the lock down began...which meant that they couldn't leave that space until lock down ended (at dismissal 5 hours later).  Two hours into the lock down I was 'escorted' to my students and was told to entertain them in another classroom (without the materials and carpet in my room) -- tough, let me tell you!

Safety was of course, my number one priority, but seriously, at the end of 5 hours?

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The up side?  The teachers got to leave right at dismissal and I took a swing by the stores because I had extra time and found pumpkin spice coffee for home!  Looks like a weekend treat for the Fines! :-)

And, let's not forget that The Vampire Diaries are on tonight and I may just *have* to watch them. ;)

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Tickled Pink said...

Oh yikes! Lock downs are rough... The worst part for my kiddos is the no bathroom... First graders can't hold it very long :(

Sherri said...

Five hours??! Wow, that's a long time. What was the reason? I can't imagine how you would keep them entertained for that long when away from your materials!

And the smoke breaks? Too funny....

LambAround said...

Holey moley! Schools have definitely changed since I was a kid.

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