Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Scavenger Hunt 10.17.10

Mr. Fine and I had a wonderful weekend!!!  I had finished this week's lesson plans last Wednesday so I was for sure rockin' the weekend 'real person' style.  What better way to finish up the weekend than a photo scavenger hunt?  My photos for this week's challenge are sights we caught together this past weekend:

[click on photos for larger versions]

Side Lighting

Jack O'Lantern

Faces Formed In Nature



Hope you had a great weekend, too!  What sights did you take in?

Fine Divider Owl


The Frat Pack + Me said...

love the "warm" shot....and come on over anytime! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Great face formed in nature capture - and I love your warm shot too. Great work and glad you were able to participate again!

Renegades said...

Ditto on the warm comments.

Christy said...

I like your sunset! very unique

Anonymous said...

Love the warm shot, its awesome

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Great shots, love the warm shot and the face in nature.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my post, the nature of faces shot was taken at our local beach, here in New Zealand.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially love the sunset one and the warm one :)

Mom2One said...

VERY cool photos! The "warm" and the "sunset" were my absoulte favs. =) I'd love to get into photography more. Your header is adorable btw!

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