Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10.24.10

The weather has (mostly) cooperated this weekend and allowed me to get jobs done outside and not feel too overwhelmed by the impending cold weather.  I spent a bit of time taking shots for this week's scavenger hunt.  Fair warning, however, these shots are all SOOC and from my point and shoot!

The 5 Senses

This weekend I made some homemade goodies and my 5 senses were definitely working as I was kneading the dough, seeing the goop all over my fingers, inhaling the wonderful pumpkin aroma in the kitchen, listening to the snap of the oven as the goodies baked, and of course, enjoying the taste of the freshly baked pumpkin goods when they emerged from the oven.


This old playground equipment in a local park is the lonely child who's no longer wanted in the group.  Instead, children opt for the new plastic equipment while this lonely child sits being tagged by the older children.


I dug into my Daring Kitchen archives for this photo because admittedly, my dining has not been quite up to snuff this week...unless you count the Mexican take-out I got yesterday?  This photo is of an Indian dish I made with homemade nut butter...a recipe that I've replicated for dinner a few times because it is sooo good.


Nothing says night like a 24-hour coffee shop.


Taken just as the rain was rolling in and I was running for cover.

And now, it's off to finish my lesson plans and eat some more goodies (did I say that out loud?)...

Have a wonderful Monday!
Fine Divider Owl


Betty Jo said...

Awesome photos, and love that night shot!

WhisperingWriter said...

Nice photos.

And I love Duncan Donuts!

Anonymous said...

Great photos this week! Love that night shot, makes me want some coffee.

Ashley Sisk said...

No need to apologize for your P&S SOOC shots - these are great. I think my favorites are night and sky. Great work...I hope you have a fantastic week!

Katie said...

That's it, I'll have to bake something pumpkin now!! :) And I really like your night shot!!

MarieElizabeth said...

I like you interpretation of the items this week, very creative.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Great choices, well done, love your night shot.

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures! I'd have to say that I miss the old playground with the massive tires that you hide in LOL

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